The past two years have seen a huge amount of people worldwide start working from home. Offices closing down due to the pandemic, more people becoming remote workers and just a general change in working styles have provided a boom to those selling furniture and equipment to people who have started working from home. Desks, chairs, laptops, monitors and much more, all have seen a sharp increase in sales during the past two years. We have a look at 4 essentials for anyone who works from home.

1) An ergonomic chair

You only really understand and value how important a comfortable ergonomic chair can be if you spend most of your day sitting down. Just like in an office, many of us regularly find ourselves glued to our computers, sat down and hunched over our laptops that were not designed to be used for such long periods of time. An ergonomic chair is essential to improving our sitting posture and therefore alleviating pressure from our back muscles. If you do develop back problems, these can be lengthy and expensive to treat, not to mention painful, so in this case, prevention is better than cure. Investing in an ergonomic chair is seriously investing in your health.

2) A meeting planner

Many people struggle working effectively from home as there isn’t much of a structure or it is generally not a conducive working environment. You may forget about your virtual meetings with colleagues or clients because you haven’t organised yourself properly. If this sounds like you, invest in a meetings planner software such as Pronestor’s. Have all your meetings clearly visible on a calendar, whether it be in-person or online, and you’ll never miss a meeting again! Reminders a set times running up to the meeting will ensure there is no escaping and you’ll also be able to see details of attendees and such. A very worthwhile investment to keep you on the ball.

3) An external monitor

The size and quality needed will depend on the type of work you do. If you deal with a lot of spreadsheets then a wide monitor would be ideal, while graphics-intensive work may require higher colour quality and refresh rates. Either way, an external monitor especially if you mainly work off a laptop, should be considered essential. Being able to work on a screen that can be adjusted to the correct height and does not require you to squint when looking at small details will help maintain your posture and eyesight in the long run. Alongside an ergonomic chair, this would be an important piece of equipment to help you work effectively and keep you physically healthier.

4) An desktop air purifier

What we don’t notice about working in an office is that the ventilation system often has an air filter to remove harmful airborne bacteria and dust, and most of us don’t have anything at home that does the same. A desktop air purifier with a HEPA filter will work to ensure that such contaminants in your immediate working area will be removed and allow you to work in a cleaner environment. We often don’t realise what an effect this has on our bodies until we do something about it and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

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