How to Never Pay Full Price Again

Business nowadays is unbelievably competitive and to gain an advantage, many are lowering their prices for their products and services in order to attract new customers and clients. This is obviously great for customers, especially those who love a good deal and put in the effort to find the best one. Below we look at a few things you can do to never again pay full price for anything.

Get a store membership card

If you shop at a store regularly, e.g. a supermarket, it can be worth getting a membership/rewards card for that store. Often these are even free so what do you have to lose? Not only do you accumulate points every time you shop at the store (assuming you remember your membership card), but often can take advantage of membership-only discounts. Wholesalers such as Costo are stores full of products that when you think about it, are already discounted. Spend a small amount of money on the membership card and you’ll almost certainly make it back in the money you’ve saved during your first transaction, you can really save that much!

Download Honey

Honey is a browser extension that automatically applies discount coupons to your online shopping basket. It literally scours the internet for relevant discount codes, applies them, and chooses to use the one with the biggest discount. Best of all, it requires absolutely zero effort after installation. If you shop online at all, this is an absolute essential. Just recently I was ordering a Montblanc Explorer 100ml perfume and when I got to the checkout, Honey kicked in. I saved 50% because it found and applied a new customer discount for me. Never pay full price again with this gem!


This can be a person’s worst nightmare. Walking into a store and basically negotiating, trying to bring the price down on an item. Yes, this won’t work in stores with smaller, cheaper products with fixed profit margins, but the next time you plan on buying a TV, computer or especially a car, prepare yourself to haggle. You will be surprised at the leeway these stores have to negotiate with customers in order to make a sale and once you gain confidence doing this a few times with success, it’ll become almost second nature. Your bank account will thank you for it!

Disclaimer – Sometimes you will encounter an offer or situation where there is no other option than to pay the price that has been set. No vouchers are available, the seller won’t budge because demand is high or the situation just doesn’t allow for a discount e.g. government fees – with these situations the next best option could just be to walk away if you don’t absolutely need it. This way you still won’t be paying full price!