With so much going on around us nowadays it is hard to keep track of everything we are getting ourselves into. From work tasks to financial investments and even small businesses we may have started as a hobby, it can be tiring keeping up and ensuring we don’t miss anything. Many of us prefer to write down our plans in a physical planner but in the day and age of everything being on our smartphones or laptops, carrying around an extra book can be cumbersome. Below we look at some technology that can help you improve your organisation.

1) Booking systems

If you run or work in an office, you may understand how annoying it can be trying to check if a meeting room or space is available at any given time; occasionally having to call up the receptionist to ask for the available schedules. Now with the development of meeting room booking systems, that issue can be a thing of the past. Software such as that created by Pronestor allows you to track all of the meeting rooms available, book them, see who the attendees are even book catering for them, all on one app. No longer will you need to go through a middleman to book these rooms and having everything consolidated into one app, which can be merged with your online calendars such as Outlook, mean that you can now have seamless integration with this and your general calendar.

2) Apple Airtags

While these may not directly improve your organisation, they can reduce the issues associated with poor organisation. Do you misplace your keys often? Then attach an Apple Airtag and you’ll be able to find them in an instant using the tracking app on the iPhone. Airtags are great for use with our valuable devices and products to ensure you don’t misplace them or can track them if they are lost or stolen.

3) Home virtual assistants

Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant are two of the main home digital assistants on the market. They are included in devices that are voice-activated and can respond to your questions and requests. Want to book a train ticket to Paris? Just say out loud “Alexa, book me a train ticket to Paris”, and be prepared for a conversation much as you would have with an assistant at the train station. Or if you want to be reminded of an upcoming birthday, say “Google, remind me to buy a gift for mum next Wednesday”. These assistants are a great help, especially if you live alone and have no one else to rely on.

If you are the type of person that struggles to stay organised, other than working on your habits, including any of the three pieces of technology listed above can help you improve in this. But while they may well help, they should not be considered the solution. That will only come from you.

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